Building Structure and Mechanics

We provide a thorough inspection of the integral system and components of the house. This includes the structure, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, appliances, pool and other systems to ensure your home is safe and a sound investment.  We will inspect the foundation and render an opinion to its performance, looking for any indications of possible settlement or movement.  

Some key elements are as listed:

  • We inspect the grading and drainage to ensure proper flow of storm water away from the house
  • Inspect the condition of the roof and it's flashings
  • Checking downspouts and gutters for proper installation and performance
  • Checking ridge and rafter structure to ensure proper support


Key spots to inspect:

  • Location of the water meter and main water supply valve
  • Measure static water pressure
  • Check for proper waterflow and drainage
  • Ensure no possible cross connections are present which is potential for potable water to become contaminated presenting a health hazard
  • Inspect toilets, sinks, showers, faucets for proper installation and function
  • Inspect traps where visiable to make sure its proper and that no leaks are present at the time of inspection

water Heating Equipment

  • Identify the energy source of equipment and its capacity
  • Confirm the presence of a shut off of the cold water supply and a TPR Valve (temperature and pressure relief)
  • Check location to make sure its safe, controls are present, vent pipe connections are correct and clearances met


Your home

Your home is one of the most important investments you make.  It's important to make sure all is structurally sound, working efficiently and safely. 



It is important for the safety of all that the Electrical work in a home is done properly.  We will check the following key electrical elements: 

  • We will inspect the service entrance and panel boxes  
    • We inspect the panel boxes to ensure its condition and fuses or breakers are sized to meet its functions and that the right sized wiring is in place  
  • We make sure the are no double tapping of circuits
  • Check for a main ground
  • No over-heating of wires inside the panel box
  • Inspect and test each GFCI outlet on the premises
  • Test and operates switches and outlets and inspect their condition

Heating and cooling systems (HVAC)

How efficient is your heating and cooling systems and is the venting safe - these are important questions we will answer.  


  • Identify the type of system used in the home and its energy source
  • Determine if the system is adequate in its function or lacking efficiency.
  • Make sure the location is safe
  • Check for safety shut off

Cooling Equipment

  • Determine the type of system
  • If the system is adequate functioning and is sized right for the house requirements
  • Check return and supply air temperatures to ensure its performing in the correct temperature zone
  • Check the levelness and clearances of outdoor units
  • Inspect refrigerant lines and their insulation
  • Check for shut off for maintenance

Ducts and Vents

  • Check the airflow produced
  • Determine proper support for the materials used and whether material is appropriate or if it needs repair
  • Inspect flue slopes where visible, clearances and proper terminations

Chimneys, Flues and fireplaces

Check for structural deficiencies and flashings.  Inspect chimney coping, crown, caps or screen arresters in need of repair.  Check for creosote in flue.  Ensure proper clearances are met for combustibles and hearth extentions.